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    Now I decided to write about this to answer questions that have been poping my inbox, John how do you get advertisers for your site?  John what strategy do you use that attract advertisers?  How on earth are you getting so much buck and exposure for your site?. 

    Now here is the real problem, I created an ebook on the strategy am employing for my site that is making advertisers to come to me directly without me going looking for them. And I offered it for just 1k only but not up to 5 people bought it, Yea not bad it my strategy it lives with me and it working for me and you are seeing  the result. I don't want anything from any body, So I don't care but the major reason why am writing this is because some people started to give me negative report. John is not kind!  John want to use us and make money?  It very painful you know, I never beg or urge anybody to get my ebook. 

    But you keep asking me for solutions, that I have already provided for you. And recently I had to hike the price of my ebook from 1k to 1.5k. Yea because the strategy is improving rapidly and by so doing the ebook will be updated and the price tag will also increase. And I assure you this that it will keep increasing as I keep making progress. 

    I get to understand the fact that most people don't value things when it comes free.  They awahs want things 100% free without purging into consideration the time spent, the resources spent, just to generate and idea that works, and if this idea is given out to others for free. Now tell me where will he motivation and resources to source nd generate more ideas that works come from. I don't promote cheat or fraud business. What I give is what I create and what am using that is working for me. 
    So it left for you to decide if you want the knowledge or not. But nevertheless I will give you some basic insights why you don't get advertisers for your site. It al because your BLOGGING THE WRONG WAY. 


    Yes  we know that blogging is all about passion, but people don't really understand the meaning of the word PASSION. if your insight about passion is doing what you love most. Then I quote you wrong. You ought to know that passion is not withing us or a behavior. But passion is. Quality that we acquire. Think about it. 

    You tend  to have passion for something when you repeatedly do that particular thing over and over again. 

    Now you want to start a blog. And your like, I will run and entertainment blog because that what I have passion for. It covers all niche, i can post any topic. Alright go ahead, while complaining, are you hitting  your target, maybe yes or no. 

    You can't make it out well in Entertainment blog in Nigeria, if you don't have the fundings and have a team. Now. Based on my analysis because it is highly competitive and it also requires more time, and devotion which you may not have. 

    forget that which you love doing and that which will make you great

    Look at your location, make research and go for niche blogging, pick. Niche that is less competitive and has higher concentration, go on with that, it will save you time and money, and generate you more income if you run it well. Advertisers of that field will locate you because that your niche, and they will reason that yes, for you to run this niche, you must know about it and your audience also have the mindset that yes this is actually why am coming to this site. So they will have that urge to advertise their product with you, advert is not necessarily on placing banner, it mostly on recommending  a product or service t your audience and how will you do that when you don't run a niche blog, think about this.

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