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    I want to cover lot of questions, I get through emails, whatapp, Facebook and other social platforms.  Question like. How do I start a business with no money?,  I am in high school how do I start a profiting per time business with no money?,  What should I do am out of resources?. 

    When you have no money, how do you get started, very simple,  GET A JOB. yea you need some money coming into do anything. You wanna improve your skills, you want to buy that book, you want to get education, you want to promote your busines, you need Money. 

    You can't just sit back, read up articles on how to make money, watch videos of how people are making money and start questioning  HOW DO I MAKE MONEY? you start complaining WHAT SHOULD I DO!.  You have to do something, and that  by getting yourself a job.

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    I don't care what job it is, but it should be a legal job. Get some money coming in, nothing wrong with that, you can become a cleaner, work in a super market. Work in a restaurant, or stock cans in shop, there is nothing wrong with that. You cannot just say.  "I GOT SO MUCH PRIDE" if you cannot get a job. Then forget about getting money. Do that First. 

    Then after you got a job. We can now go further on how to get more money. In your spare time decide to learn a HIGH INCOME SKILL.  Now what is High income skill, I define high income skills as skills that you can employ to get $10,000 or more per month or $120,000 per year or more. It is not a business, it is. Skill set that you have to develop  and you can offer to the marker place in exchange for money. 

    I have already explain in details what high income skills are and how to develop high income skills in my recent article, so I won't emphasize more on that, so if you want to know more about it you can go and read it Here.

    So daytime  you working your day job while at night you develop your high income skills. You start earning and earning more money from your day job and your high income skill gradually. And when your high income skill start providing you up to 5k to 10k,  then you can quit your day job and then just pursue it for full time.

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    Getting up to 15k to 20k In a month and from there your making your money and paying your bills, your eating it a good idea to eat because health is wealth, you taking care of your family, you got a roof over your head, then from there you can choose to start a business and become a true Enterprenuer, here I use the word true ENTERPRENUER , and not just ENTERPRENUER  to signify something. And if you want to know that you read up here. And that how it goes from there you begin to make extra money while running your business and also with your high income skills. 

    Now the problem with you is that you know a lot of successful people, you have read alot of their stories, you even fans some, am not saying it bad but. You do have a dream to be in their level of success overnight without getting through the steps. It doesn't fucking work like that except you want to engage in illegal businesses.  You need to follow the ladder. 
    1. Get a job
    2. Side hustle
    3. High income skills
    4. True Enterprenuer 
    5. Investing 

    Stop asking questions at level you not in, your in level 2 and your asking questions related to level 5, wrong. Ask questions on the level your in,  go through All the steps.

     Don't get overwhelm, stop day dreaming when you see people on Instagram or any social media going on vacation, driving a car when your daily income is not even up to a dime.  Don't do that, it self destruction all you need to do is GO GET A JOB. 

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