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    I’m not here to tell you about SEO. I’ll be honest I’m not a pro at it even though it’s not rocket science. However, I try to make the most of the referral traffic I get. 

    Google News

    If you ever get approved on Google News, believe me your days of traffic hunting are over. Google displays news content in search results first before displaying the other results.  

    We all know Google has strict guidelines so It's difficult but not impossible to get into Google news.. I've tried to tweak my blog to pass all their  validations. I passed all except one Having 100 percent original news content. That one is pretty hard to get through
    However here are the tips I used to validate all their tests

    1.  Create a separate category on your site for exclusive news content. 
    2. Make sure your template shows the authors image and name 
    3. Have multiple author accounts on your blog
    4. Make sure your contact address is on your contact page
    5. Have an Authors page
    6. Create a Google Business Page

    To register for Google News go to : https://partnerdash.google.com/partnerdash/d/news

    How to get featured on websites or quoted on websites I once wrote for Naij and Pulse.Ng.. However their Blogger programs are being shut down so I won't bring that up. I've also been quoted on the Huffington Post once, and also featured on other websites and also missed an opportunity to write an article for Forbes.

    Now how do I get these Opportunities?
    There's a website called HARO www.helpareporter.com it mails you the contents journalists are looking for and if you can write about it, you reply the journalist
    to get featured .You will receive a mail 3 times a day from them so you have enough content to choose from Try to be as professional as possible when handling such emails. Be sure to include your URL in any pitch you are responding to When signing up for HARO sign up as a source. 

    Monetizing This Traffic There are 3 ways to monetize this kind of traffic. 

    Most times many people won’t know your exact traffic stats and this type of traffic does not boost up your ranking as fast as organic traffic.

    2. Direct Ads
    3. Influencer Networks

    I won’t be mentioning anything about affiliate marketing here because have already leaked the top secret on HOW TO OUTSELL OTHER AFFILIATE MARKETERS. AND THE TOP AFFILATE MARKETING SOLUTION SECRET so if you want to know them, then go and read them

    For Direct Ads. Look at top websites in your niche, check those that are advertising on their websites and send them an email alongside with your Google Analytics stats and wait for a response.

    Influencer Networks are the hub of sponsored posts. If you are signing up for an Influencer network, I recommend DealSpotr. I’ve received over $300 cash and products all together from them.

    Have a wonderful day.  Source www.mitrobe.com

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