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    My Boss Ex Wife ( chapter 2)

    THis Story is the continuation of >>MY BOSS EX WIFE CHAPTER 1 

    Chapter 2.
    It changed into mid-day whilst Bruce walked into his workplace, he right away slumped on his chair, Chucks had observed him in on seeing the country in which he got here in..As although dragged in from the gutter by way of refugees.

    By that time the information had spread like extensive hearth but every body become in hush-hush whilst Bruce came in. A few controlled to come sympathize with him at the same time as some others wondered what the subsequent step might be.

     The maximum unswerving ones had spoken of throwing the towel in and leaving without delay his spouse..Lately ex-wife took over because they knew things would need to exchange around there and no one could do approximately it.
    Chucks closed the door at the back of him and came to Bruce. .

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    Bruce have been his boss for 10 years however for 15 years he were his friend, his confidant, his brother. Bruce had picked him up from in which he had nothing and gave him a domestic, a existence and a purpose to live and for that he owed him the whole thing as a result he knew he might do whatever for him.
    Bruce slouched his shoulders and concealed his face in his arms, whilst his shoulders commenced to heave. Chucks knew that for a person like Bruce, tears meant all wish became lost.

    No amount of phrases he knew could make him experience better. What he labored for all his existence, his father’s legacy..All long gone..Within the blink of a watch..And chuck’s heart became heavy.
    “She took it all chucks. Ada.!! Ada took all of it. ” he cried bitterly.

    “all of it…she stole it from me, wooed me..Into my mattress…My heart and my wealth and she or he took it all… leaving me with not anything other than the designers on my lower back and my feet.
    Chucks. .Am finished. .All this”…He spread his fingers…” long past. Ada took it all..And my heart with it”..

    “I understand brother ” Chucks handiest referred to as him brother after they were on my own.”I know. ”
    “you saw the papers..Its criminal. Its proper and there’s nothing I can do about it, how do I begin again? Where do I begin? In which..Oh Lord. .” His nostril had begun to drool. Bruce turned into damaged, he gave the look of he changed into approximately to surrender the ghost.

    “How can loving a female destroy you he persevered, did I not love her, deal with her right, care for her? He asked, what sin did I dedicate that such heartless girl could make me a sufferer in her sport plan..”did you already know..Am her fourth husband. Her first changed into a seventy six yr old guy, yes, a person towards his grave, who kicked out his wife and child for her?
    Bruce took a deep breath;

    “Now I trust his demise become foul play as he uttered those words he shivered
    Did  she had  others he endured, and they never lasted a 12 months, she left them without their money and kicked them to the gutters much like she has completed me.
    “How did I not see this chucks? How ought to I no longer see that Ada might damage me. May God punish her for ruining a good guy..Ah baa father !!…Bruce cried like a toddler.

    Chucks Knelt in the front to him.
    “be a person brother, you couldn’t have recognized all that. You loved her. And also you have been an awesome guy but be relaxation assured, karma will catch up with her however right now going to the police is vain. Like you said…and your attorney confirmed Its felony bro, she had you and had you suitable so be a man brother..The world hasn’t come to an quit but.

    Chucks listened to Bruce lament. He knew Bruce wouldn’t listen to some thing he said. He needed he knew a way to ease his ache..Even for a little even as. No one might have figured Ada for who she become. He seemed around the office one ultimate time understanding that he turned into going to throw within the towel too… For now.

    As chucks stood there He remembered the first he met Ada she were rude and stale. But that become ok, he knew women like that.. He in no way liked ladies like that however he changed into inclined to condone Ada for chucks. Now he was glad that she didn’t acknowledge him.
    He had made it a point to keep away from Ada all the whilst she became with Bruce, he turned into comfortably always unavailable. . .Which makes what he is about to do even less complicated.
    “Bruce. You need to leave earlier than the security guards to chase you out. The order was for 1 pm today. And it’s already 12:30. ..Come permit’s go.”.. He managed to tug him up. .



    “No I gained’t! No I gained’t! He paused for breath earlier than continuing
    “chucks this is my life, this Is me and it would be Over my dead Body earlier than Ada ruins my business enterprise! His voice had expanded to a better tempo but the tears didn’t Stop. His eyes have been bloodshot.
    “slutty thief, Gold digger, WITCH !!! He crumpled to the ground and banged it together with his fist.

    Chucks watched him rumpled and his coronary heart broke. He bent down and said “listen to me Bruce all is not lost. Nothing is . I promise you that you will get All you very own returned, deliver it time, we'd combat this besides we are able to. You will get all which you very own again. I promise you” the assertiveness he used made Bruce appearance up, his eyes bloodshot..

    “How chucks how? I have nothing. I am only a walking corpse. I have nothing. “… He held on to chucks by using the collar. “I HAVE NOTHING LEFT!!
    Chucks found out that he became slowly acting like a mad man. He grabbed him and shook him difficult.

    “Bruce you've got me and that’s sufficient”..He lifted him to his ft.
    Let me take care of you now as you have cared for me when I turned into just a man without path, my house is yours, my money is yours. You gave me desire let me at the least do for you what you've got done for me. You have got me Bruce.
    While he pulled and dragged Bruce out of the workplace, with staffs and colleagues as the onlookers ..He vowed..With out words..
    “Ada ..You just picked the incorrect man to smash. And by using God I will make you pay . I can be your karma, your worst nightmare and you received’t see me coming”..

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